Articles and bible studies on recognizing the voice of God

Is it a still, small voice or is it booming thunder?

Yes! It’s both. And it’s more than even those.

God has spoken in many ways through the ages, and this website is dedicated to providing a rich supply of bible study and small group resources on the topic of how God speaks.

Using biblical sources as our primary source, we also add historical examples from the Christian saints of old and even modern-day testimonies to the mix. Our God is creative, mysterious and seems to delight in variety, always presenting a unique solution for every individual situation. And yet, with study, we can see patterns in the midst of His variety. As the Holy Spirit gives revelation and understanding of what we study, we will get to know our great God and how He speaks!

Questions for today

Of course, there are still more basic questions in the minds of Christians today. Does God still speak? Does He speak only to believers in Jesus? How can we tell if it’s His voice?

A great concern in the the body of Christ today is heresy, and listening to strange voices that are not from God. Whether it’s New Age, TV psychics, Bible-based doctrinal extremes or Eastern meditation, there are many religions and practices that are promoting connection with the wrong voices.

We hope to address this concern as well, with the understanding that if we know God’s voice, then we will more easily recognize false voices with deceptive messages.

Familiar stories, fresh look

Some of the stories we’ll study in detail, seeking fresh understanding of God’s voice and His ways of speaking:

  • God’s dealings with Abraham
  • Moses’ experiences with God
  • How God spoke to and through Balaam (and his donkey!)
  • The still, small voice Elijah heard
  • The thunderous voice of God in Old and New Testaments
  • How the prophets heard God
  • The example of Jesus and how He responded to God’s voice
  • Paul’s experiences as an apostle of Jesus
  • And so many more…! is still in production. Please sign up now for our RSS feed and you’ll get our first posts as soon as they come out!

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